Build for Rent

The current state of investment in residential housing, from both an individual and an institutional perspective, is in flux.  More people than ever before are choosing to rent rather than purchase homes. Similarly, institutional investors are entering the market in a greater number, seeking to add SFR (Single Family Rentals) and B4R (Build for Rent) to the current lexicon of investment buzz words. While growth of the rental market as an investment option is real, there remains substantive work to really tackle this asset class in an effective and efficient manner. 

The principals at Aisling have developed residential subdivisions and projects in over 30 metro areas with more than 25 developer and home builder partners. With connections across the country and in every facet of residential development, Aisling is positioned to take advantage of the build to rent opportunity. Aisling has already identified several projects that fit internal build for rent criteria in a variety of cities and states. By diversifying by market, and price point, Aisling intends to be a market leader in this space.